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REVIVE is a brand uniting enthusiastic specialists with diversified know-hows, willing to offer car lovers the best solutions to maintain their vehicles on the roads; by replacing some essential parts and improve its drivability, usability, efficiency and security.

We convert any type of old-timer and are open to special projects.

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MATTRO Energy Pack

- Lithium ion with integrated battery management system
- Robust aluminium housing
- Integrated fuse
- Positive pole switched by a relay
- Wake up via 12V signal or external CAN command
- Optional secondary 12V output
- Protection class IP65
- Integrated active heating
- Unique connector for easy and safe handling
- Parallel connection possible

NetGain Motors

- Industry Leading 3 Phase SRIPM Motor and Controller/Inverter
- DC supply voltage from 62V to 130V, and current up to 750A Peak
- Brushless Motor
- Cageless Rotor - Higher efficiency, no heat from wasted energy
- Synchronous Fields - Full toque is harnessed without Rotor Slip
- Up to 95% Efficiency!
- Up to 50% higher torque than similar sized AC Induction motors running at the same power levels!
- Astounding performance in field weakening area with +50% power up to 5 times nominal speed
- Ultra compact controller
- Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm optimized specifically for Synchronous Relucatance Internatl Permanent Magnet motors
- Fully customizable controller I/O
- Extensive program customization from PC with Smartview Software
- Robust and Reliable

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