The Energy Pack EP88

Mattro®'s REVIVE Battery Pack

Mattro®'s energy packs are technically fully developed and assembled in Austria/EU for special e-mobility applications. It's highly qualitative materials and assembly, thoroughly tested, are allowing facilitated installation to deliver energy efficiently and immediately usable.

These exchangeable battery-packs are powerful enough to operate our converted classic cars up to 3,5 tons. On request, Mattro@ and Revive develop and manufacture batteries specially designed for the parameters of your electric vehicles and application.

It's allows to combine several energy packs following your needs; replace a module easily and standardize installations.

They are designed for continuous operation and a long life cycle, but are also ideal for prototype development. We can quickly adapt our modular system to the size, motorisation and desired performance of your project with little effort.

With this Energy-Pack, you have solved the question of energy supply simply and immediately.

Mattro's battery manufacture is thoroughly geared towards flexible production. For this purpose, Mattro only use components from renowned quality manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic or LG. The circuit board for the battery management system is built especially for Mattro and according to their specifications. This way, Mattro vouches for top quality and can offer 2 years warranty.

Integrated BMS

- Monitors the individual cell voltages
- Protects against over- or undercharging
- Adjusts each individual cell voltages
- Determines SOC and SOH
- Monitors cell temperature
- Switches power output of the battery
- Charging curves management
- Acquires data and sends it via CAN protocol
- Logs data on an SD card

Energy Pack EP88

- Lithium ion with integrated battery management system
- Robust aluminium housing
- Integrated fuse
- Positive pole switched by a relay
- Wake up via 12V signal or external CAN command
- Optional secondary 12V output
- Protection class IP65
- Integrated active heating
- Unique connector for easy and safe handling
- Parallel connection possible

- Dimensions (L x W x H):
- 727 x 307 x 182 mm
- Nominal voltage: 100.8 V
- Energy: 8.8 kWh
- Capacity: 87.6 Ah
- Nom. discharge: 220 A
- Max. voltage:
- Weight: 58.5 kg
- Communication: CAN bus
- Protection class: IP65

Mattro Harness

For exchangeable energy pack EP88 - 8,8kWh
Socket with 2,5 meters cables of 2,5mm2, 200A rated current harness including CAN-BUS communications and 12V supply

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