Give your old-timer a second life

Solutions to update your drive

Electrify your vintage car

Gift it its deserved second life and improve your driving experience.

Converting old-timers is possible and offers a large range of advantages in combination with our digital interface.

Digital upgrade

Implement our custom solutions to adapt your vintage car to the modern world.

Bring your everyday technology into your old-timer to make it more user friendly.

Keep it authentic

Mixing technologies

Preserve the charms of the past and benefit from the present interconnectivity.

Monitor your car's activities, simplify its maintenance and make your life trouble-free.

The beauty of the past

Implement today's technologies while preserving the original design.

Our components are made to be subtly and discreetly integrated with the intention to remain authentic.

Enjoy a better ride!

CAN-BUS communications allow the module to manage the Controller and the BMS, implement drive modes and security features, fully customizable.

Our solutions

REVIVE's mission is to upscale classic cars and give them a second opportunity to shine.

The goal is to keep the original aspect and cachet of the vehicle and bring it up to date.

We develop original and custom solutions to adapt to the existing systems and configurations, allowing the improvement of old-timers.

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