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Classic Beetle Kits

A Timeless Conversion

Embrace the Beetle Evolution

The VW Beetle, a symbol of automotive history, has now evolved into an electric powerhouse. Revive's conversion kit brings the classic Bug into the 21st century, preserving its timeless design while unleashing modern electric performance. Are you ready to drive the future?

Car Specs

Energypacks: 2 or 3
Energy: 17,6 kWh or 26,4 kWh
Charger: 3,3 kWh
Charging Time: 3h or 4,5h = 80%
Autonomy: 150 km or 200 km
Power Max: 44 kW / 4000 rpm
Torque: 200 Nm


In collaboration with our partners, at REVIVE, we prioritize quality and reliability with Hawe-Mattro for energy packs and NetGain for motors.

Hawe-Mattro "EP88" Energy pack:
- Lithium ion
- 8,8 kWh / 100,8 V
- IP65
- Integrated BMS / CAN Command

NetGain  HyPer 9 Power-Train:
- Brushless Motor
- Up to 750A Peak
- Cageless Rotor
- Regain

From CHF 50'000.-

  • Includes:
    - Components
    - Labor
    - Certification / EMC test

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