Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about EV conversion answered.

It depends on the weight of the car and the quantity of batteries installed. We use standardized power packs of 8.8kW/h that are scalable and plug & play. We always try to find the best balance between the power and the weight of our system, depending on the intended usage of the car. Generally it is between a 100 and 300 km.

We can set it up as we wish, but never under 30kW and 100Nm and up to 250kW and 500Nm.

It depends on the number of the batteries installed and the charger. It can be between 2 and 8 hours.

Our conversions are equipped with a Type 2 socket, therefore you can charge at any charging station with a Type 2 plug. To charge it please look up the instructions on the charging station.

Regen is a motor breaking system, allowing to transform the breaking energy into electricity to charge batteries and boost efficiency. By using motor breaking with an EV you will increase your economy and not waste the energy like in usual breaking systems.

Technically, yes. But Swiss regulations are too demanding with cars having security features like ABS, Airbags or ESP. Thus we only offer to convert cars that dont have any of those security features.

No, Swiss laws dont allow it to reset the counter.

Not yet, but soon. The demands are high and our wish to offer our solutions to worldwide partners is strong. Contact us to have more information about our partners in your country.

Any professional garage is elegible to become a REVIVE Partner.
For that simply contact us through the contact page or send us an email at, tell us about your activity and why you are interested in becoming a partner.
As a first step, we convert a car together to introduce you to the ev-conversion principles, then we can send you kits for you to convert your own cars.

As for now, we can convert any Oldtimer.
The Swiss Laws prevents us to convert cars with security features such as ABS, Airbag and EPS.