About Us

REVIVE is a brand uniting 5 enthusiastic specialists with diversified know-hows, willing to offer car lovers the best solutions to maintain their vehicles on the roads; by replacing some essential parts and improve its drivability, usability, efficiency and security.

We believe that vintage cars are a great heritage of our recent history, not only the very high end luxurious brands, but also all other iconic and popular cars. 

To met with actual standards, and as most older cars will be limited in some cities for environmental reasons, we propose a global and customizable solution to be able to drive your oldtimer for years again.

The conversion to electric gives a lot of advantages and allows its owners to benefit from their cars more often and easier.

Our services are mostly operated internally, electronics, electrics and softwares are tested and pre-installed; mechanical works are proceeded by our partners specialized for each specific brand.

As a Swiss brand, and with a watch and machine makers background, REVIVE's team is focussed on details and precision. 

 We believe in quality and customer service, and all our projects and productions are carefully tested and with 2 years warranty.

You are welcome to contact us for more information, we're happy to invite you to visit our workshop and discuss your project.

REVIVE founders

Serge takes care of a bit of everything, all the time

Nico is our all around designer

Guido is our certified engineer

Aaron is an original electronic genius

JC Bucher is the Jedi master in car expertise

REVIVE team members

Danilo organizes everything we need

Joël is the mechanical heart of our projects

Gabriel brings our craziest projects to life

Christian is our car magician

You wish to convert your classic car? Ask us a question or become a partner? Contact us!