Upholstery Works

Upholstery Works

During the many adventures that marked our journey in making our EV Conversion, we had the chance to meet some great people.
Rudy Nafzger from Rudy’s Upholstery is one of them!  


We couldn't imagine a better choice than Rudy, an authentic person with an incomparable experience and know-how, we immediately got along with him! His love of a job well done and his attention to details, allowed us to go further than we had hoped! It can be said that he has done a fantastic job!



His workshop is an authentic place, this kind of place where you don't see time go by... Each object has its own story, and each visit was an opportunity to exchange stories and fascinating anecdotes!

Rudy is a good listener and is the kind of person who knows how to meet your needs. He was a great advisor and he immediately steered us in the right direction, whether it was the choice of a material or of a technical solution.


We have reworked all the upholstery, starting with the entire interior, then the front and rear compartments. The goal was to maintain the authenticity and the functionality of the car, while elevating the overall design.
For this reason,  the new upholstery takes up the visual codes of the original design while bringing a great improvement in terms of comfort and finishes. It was also possible thanks to the use of authentic materials, as the 100% wool carpeting and the genuine leather. This subtle mix of materials brought a classy and sporty touch to the overall look.



As the car’s interior, the front compartment has been designed to optimise the functionality. Despite the presence of the battery box, which takes the place of the original fuel tank, we made sure there are still room for two pieces of luggage.



As per the front compartment, the space  of the rear compartment has been laid out without compromise, giving pride of place to simplicity, elegance and integration.



We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Rudy and that he was willing to participate in our first electrical conversion project.

Don't hesitate to visit Rudy! Whatever your project is, he will give you the special care you won't find anywhere else, a warm welcome guaranteed!



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