Joel from Atelier Lomann GmbH and Fabian from POLARWIND contacted us after seeing our Beetle on the internet. They were looking for a car to use in a commercial for BKW.

BKW Energie AG, a power production and distribution utility with its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. It also provides gas and heat through a number of subsidiaries or partner companies. It mainly operates in the Canton of Bern, but is also present in Italy, Germany and Austria.


We are very honored to be able to be part of a e-mobility promotion for a company like BKW.

After a few exchanges with Joel and Fabian we came to an agreement. On the 31st of august we brought the car to the studio called BLOW UP STUDIO in Zürich were we met up with the different colleagues of Fabian. And no, we did not struggle maneuvering the trailer with in the narrow street of the studio, also, no one was late, thank you for your concern, dear reader.
They were very welcoming, showed us around and explained how their different camera gear and equipment works. 
After explaining how our Beetle functions, we discussed about the project and made us on our way back to Brügg. The day after they were done shooting, so we went to pick up our beetle.


Even though we knew they were going to hide our markings on the car, we were still a tiny bit disappointed to see that big black bar on the side of the car.
Nonetheless, our Beetle "Blue" was recognized, a few customers reached out to us to ask if it was ours, which we could happily confirm.

You can find the original article of BKW by clicking this link.

Behind the scenes pictures were taken by POLARWIND.
A few weeks later in the beginning of October the short commercial has been finalized, you can find the video here below:


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