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Electric Accessories

Our goal is to integrate all the components of the conversion kit smoothly and discreetly. Therefore, we used every possible existing features and adapt or improve their usage.

For instance, we used the gas tank as a battery pack and the fuel filler cap as a charger plug. 

Small extra, we added an electrical lock to the flap door opening.

All electrical components have been integrated into the backbox, behind the seats. Clearly identified and cabled, following rules and best practices, the above part is grouping all necessary elements for the electrified drive train.
In addition, the under part of the pack is filled with 10KW of Lithium batteries.



The front pack takes the exact place of the previous gas tank, cable passing through the central canal, protected from hurt.

As a wink to the past and Beetle's origins, the cover of the pack was designed as a JerryCan.



In the back, instead of the original gas engine and its components, we placed the Schwarz 44KW motor and its Curtis 1238e on the top. In between those components, we placed an aluminum water cooling plate.

The radiator for the water cooling system was placed under the car, a kit that was created by Cagero for competition purposes.

Electrical windows and locks were added to the front doors, we also have developed some new locking system and sensors for the safety of the windows, more to follow...

An electrical heater was added as it came from the petrol engine previously, this 2000W blower will be sufficient.


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