Creation of the Digital Interface

Creation of the Digital Interface

We aim to create a centralized system to control the existing electric setup and the newly installed electric drive.

The existing electric setup of the Beetle '72 is working with 12V, a few Amps, and switches with relays.
The newly installed motor is functioning with 96V and over 300Amps, the 3KW charger on 230V, and with DC and AC current, everything is mixed in the same car...

Additionally, we are working with several communication systems with different CAN-BUS protocols, making it even more challenging!

Chris and Aaron are working hard to create from scratch every electronic module and application to allow the full system to operate harmoniously.

First, they tried with different boards and communication protocols, defining the best way to operate with all needed systems.
The choice was to go with CAN-BUS to interconnect all elements.

Then we made a first prototype of the switchboards, everything is made internally with the help of some fancy machines.

The first prototype works great, now it will be connected to a Rasperry3 for more functionalities.



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