Collaboration P791, Legends Magazine & Artworth

Collaboration P791, Legends Magazine & Artworth

As part of the deal with Legends Magazine, they organized a photoshooting for us with the Artworth Brothers at P791 the car residence in Belp, ideally located near the airport.
P791 is a place where you can rent a parking spot, or rather, they like to call it a car hotel. They offer cleaning, repairs, vehicle maintenance, preparation for pickup and even a picture book of your car.


We had the honor to receive a guided tour of P791, although they are very strict with their rules, we were not allowed on floor 2 and 3 since you need to be customer with to be able to enter that secured area. We were allowed to visit the workshop the 1st floor and the top floor. From the top floor you can see the airport of Belp while sitting at P791's bar.

Revive P791 Artworth


REVIVE P791 Artworth

We were welcomed very kindly by the owners Michèle & Dominic and met the Artworth Brothers at the bar at the entrance on the groundfloor. The Artworth Brothers are took professional pictures of products. We were more than satisfied with the results. 
Follow this link to see their pictures on Instagram.

REVIVE P791 Artworth
REVIVE Legends Magazine P791 Artworth  

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