Mattro®'s ROVO DC

The MATTRO ROVO DC is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with addiction factor.
For recreational pleasure or more mobility off the beaten track: power needs no noise, dynamics no gearbox and driving fun. Battery 8.8kW, charger 3.3kW (or 5kW on request), homologation for road use, rear-view mirrors, Gel seat pad, heated seat, auxiliary headlights, safety rotating light et trailer hitch included.

SPORT Configuration

is designed for use on hard surfaces such as asphalt and when high speed counts.
The road tracks ensure high running smoothness and avoid vibrations.

Road tracks
Gearbox : i7 (long)
Motor power rating : 2 x 4,4 kW
Battery : MATTRO® EP88 (8,8kWh)
Top Speed : 30 km/h
Torque : 500 Nm
Payload : 300  kg

OFFROAD Configuration

ensures even more off-road capability and maximum torque. With the cleat profile, even the roughest terrain is safely mastered.

Offroad tracks
Gearbox : i16 (short)
Motor power rating : 2 x 7.5 kW
Battery : MATTRO® EP88 (8,8kWh)
Top Speed : 20 km/h
Torque : 1,000 Nm
Payload : 500  kg

Customize your Rovo DC

Personalizations are not impossible! If you have any particular wish, we can find a solution with our specialized partners.

Snow clearing & pulling equipment

Range & storage extender

Agricultural equipment

You have any questions about the ROVO DC or conversion of old-timers? Contact us!