Digital Interface

VW REVIVE dashboard

Digital Control Unit for your Classic Car

The heart of the entire on-board electrical system. It can be operated using existing commands or any switch, and with the mobile application, it controls all necessary components on the vehicle while also performing fuse functions.

Thanks to it flexible setup, the system requires considerably fewer relays and individual components in the wiring harness, and the vehicle can be rewired with less effort in a very short amount of time.

Digital Interface UX

Modularity to adapt to all

The system is compatible with nearly any electrical setup functioning between DC 6V and 24V.

Replacing the existing fuse box, it allows to control the electric system (with CAN-BUS or not), implement any accessory or additional function (like central locks or electric windows).

Our exclusive digital interface is composed of 3 main modules operating in concert on CAN-BUS with the mobile application and a Cloud based Manager:

  1. The Master Brain with its optional Touch Screen
    Includes GPS, DAB+, Bluetooth Music Player, BMS/Chargers/Controllers Communication and Management

  2. The Master Switch
    Composed of a total of 24 I/O, up to 20A, it centralizes all the cars controls. Controls and outputs are directly connected to this module and it will recognize and setup the system by itself

  3. The Slaves
    Connected in series with the Master Switch, it allows to place connections modules all around the car and connect them together with one main cable, taking care of everything

The system can be setup with only the Master Switch, replacing existing switch board.

You might add some Slaves to ease the installation of new accessories or renew completely your electrical harness and replace it with one main cable going around the car.

Finally, you could chose to go for the full digitalization of your Classic Car, by implement the 3 modules, allowing to benefit from latest technologies:

  • Complete Digital Control of the car
  • Complete replacement of the fuse box with digitally monitored and switched fuses
  • Integrated GPS
  • Integrated DAB+ radio
  • Integrated Bluetooth Player (sound, video & data)
  • Integrated Sound System
  • Touch Screen interface
  • Fully customizable queries
  • Electric Converted Cars: driving modes, battery management live monitoring, Cloud based and mobile application



In addition, we develop specific custom parts for each proposed EV conversion kit, like LEDs, dash buttons, electric windows, locks and much more; visit our store to find out what you might use for your own car.