Bâloise Insurance Partnership

Bâloise Insurance Partnership

Revive was recently invited to the "CEO-Breakfast" event organised by our insurance partner Baloise Group .



On the theme of "the entrepreneurial adventure", this event dedicated to entrepreneurs gave us the opportunity to share our experiences and to make enthralling encounters !



Find us in the video of the event:




Participating in this privileged moment, the event was relayed by PME magazine through their LinkedIn account and their website .


"La Baloise" who is a very supportive and attentive to start-ups compagny, quickly became interested in our project, believed in our approach, and positioned itself as the ideal partner in the development of Revive.
It has enabled us to offer our clients a turnkey insurance package optimised for the electric conversion of classic vehicles.
Close to its partners, La Baloise recently came to visit us in our offices !
Find us in the very nice article written by La Baloise, in French and in German !




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