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Our First Conversion Project

In 2018 we discovered some amazing Californian and UK companies specialized in converting classic cars to electric. Mostly reusing Tesla drives, it started to become more professional and some adaptable kits started to be available.

After some studying and a lot of Youtube watching, we thought it was possible for us to take the challenge and start our first conversion.

Looking for a good base, with a health frame and drivable, we visited a lot of interesting places, like the VW Museum in Saint-Sulpice.

VW Museum

So there we go, we bought a 1972 VW Beetle "Weltmeister", overs 125'000 KM, not in best shape generally, but worth to be saved!

  Beetle 1300 - 1972 " Weltmeister"

We gave her the last ride and fill up way back from Zurich...

Last Fill Up

She met her sister Tesla before surgery...

futur mini Tesla



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