Delivery of our first Land Rover Defender 90E

Delivery of our first Land Rover Defender 90E

The time has finally arrived where we delivered our first Defender to the customer.

As it was our first model after our Beetle Blue, we had quite a lot of improvements to implement. New Batteries, new motor, new electronic system, basically new everything.
By the time we finished our First Defender, we already had a good amount of optimizations planned for our next Defender, which was already being prepared for its conversion.

Obviously, we can not drive through Gruyère without taking a break on its famous highway stop to buy Double Crème and Meringues. Below you will find a picture of our delivery while in Gruyere.

Land Rover Defender Delivery

The customer was very exited to see us arrive and did not lose time to register the car to be able to drive around. We explained how the car works, how to charge it at a charging station and answered any questions. To thank us he invited us to a local café.

We were happy to so see the big smile of our customer as he drove away with his car.

Everything went smoothly on our first delivery, or so we thought as the customer called us the next day saying the car would not turn on. We were starting to break a sweat until we realised the customer accidentaly pressed the Emergency stop. Releaved to find out it was nothing major our customer apologized and lived happily ever after with his Defender.

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